Vitaly Tsaplin

Project manager from SPbGASU
Head of Department of Technosphere Safety
Full member (academician) of the International Academy of Ecology,

Human and Nature Safety (MANEB) in the section “Life Safety”.

Virtual environment in the SAFECON project

Colleagues, it seems to me that the common theme of our collective discussion should be the search for mutually acceptable solutions not only in creating a physical interactive learning environment (safety Park), but also in the use of computer technology for the development of competencies to create a safe behavioral model of the construction industry.

Modern means of personnel training, which are based on the use of computer technology, provide ample opportunities in Modern means of personnel training, which is based on the use of computer technology, provide ample opportunities in choosing different forms of presentation of educational content. Some of these technologies serve only as a tool to modernize the presentation and presentation of traditional forms of learning content in a new form, such as lectures, problem books, tests, etc.

Such forms of training, with all their richness of information, colorful presentation and speed of presentation of educational material, are not forms having the properties of interactivity. Of course, we will use such forms of training content in our training programs. However the main (we all remember about this!) within the framework of the project, the task is to involve in the learning process the psychological aspects of the employee’s activities in his workplace.

In my opinion, the most promising here is the technology of Virtual reality. And I want to offer its use in our project.

Virtual reality is an ideal learning environment. The perception of a virtual model with a high degree of reliability allows you to quickly and efficiently train specialists in various fields: aviation, medicine, process control, remote control of technical means, driver training, etc. Education using virtual reality allows you to visually conduct lectures and seminars (figure 1), conduct trainings, show students all aspects of the real object or process, which in General gives a tremendous effect, improves the quality and speed of educational processes and reduces their cost.

Virtual reality is used in those areas where a person for effective perception requires not just a three-dimensional image of the observed object, and it is necessary to immerse the observer in the world of the studied model for more effective perception and interaction with it: where the observed objects and data are very complex or very important reality perception of objects. Virtual environment allows a person to feel a part of the investigated world, excluding all possible interactions with the real world (immersion effect). This effect is a specific difference from the usual three-dimensional graphics systems widely available on personal computers.

Moving from theory to practice of our activities, I propose to speed up the procedures for the development of electronic content in April to hold a Skype seminar, where to discuss and develop a common solution on the following issues:

  1. What computer technologies to use in the development of e-learning content
  2. Agree on the list of forms of electronic educational resource (based on the feasibility and its capabilities).
  3. Decide on the choice of technical means and their characteristics, which will be used to solve this problem.

To participate in the seminar I propose to attract potential or existing developers.

  1. S. To our seminar offer to discuss the preliminary announcement to one of the forms of lessons:
  • Implementation of the project will be carried out using the game engine “Unreal Engine 4”. A virtual room will be created in accordance with the actual drawing of the building, where future specialists will be trained. The user will be given the opportunity to interact with the created scene and control the character using the keyboard and mouse. You will also be given the opportunity to select the required training lesson or complete the course in the created tab “Menu”.
  • The result will be a complete console application based on the operating system “Windows”, which can be run on any computer with the recommended minimum requirements.

What kind of Public Relations is needed for the SAFECON project?

I was motivated to write this post (speaking the language of blogosphere) by the feeling of some dissatisfaction with the results of participating in the events of the St. Petersburg International Labor Forum in February 28.  At the Forum Kirsi Taivalantti, project leader, the Dean of the Faculty of Technology, Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and I presented the project in the form of a panel co-report.  There were few people, no one asked questions. It looked like we “shot out”, as they say, and that’s all. What’s next? It is clear that we are going to prepare for the next forum, for the next conferences. There have been quite many of them so far. If we recollect how we started our work at the project, from 2015 the very beginning of discussing the idea and preparing the application  to submit for the CBC Managing Authority we did our best to get comprehensive support for the project idea from the committees of the St. Petersburg government, from the National Association of Builders of Russia, the educational community.

Since 2015, at least 3 large conferences were held at the St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, in 2017 the idea of the project and plans for its implementation were presented at the 5-th All-Russian Week of Labor Protection in the city of Sochi and at the St. Petersburg International Labor Forum, several articles were published. I don’t say about meetings and seminars of the project participants. There were many of them, but this is our internal work, and they do not give anything for PR.

We published some materials about the project, but they were not interesting and not noticeable to society. Since November 2018, I gave interviews to the newspapers Delovoy Peterburg, St. Petersburg Gazette, the Rossiyskaya Gazeta. Materials about the project are also in electronic media on Instagram, on the SPbGASU website. Well, the process seems to have been started, and we are doing everything right and can just sit and wait for feedback from interested managers of construction companies. But there are not any. This means that in our PR activity something goes wrong, something is missing.

The group of speakers formed so far with their speeches at various kinds of public events is clearly not enough here. Probably another reason is that after conferences and forums are held we don’t keep in touch with their participants properly. I mean the mechanism for building relationships with project beneficiaries is not established yet. Obviously there are some other reasons.

Currently Why? and What to do? Questions remain open and in my opinion they  need to be solved as soon as possible.

Let’s discuss it.

I invite all readers of the post to discuss the problem.