Polygon “Smart Labor” Safety Park is Officially Open

The official opening of the safety park Polygon “Smart Labor”, which is located on the educational base of Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Krasnoye Selo, took place on September 29, 2021. The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the government of St. Petersburg, heads of construction organizations, teachers and students.


Vitaly Tsaplin, the SAFECON project manager from the side of GASU, Head of the Department of Technosphere Safety, Director of the Centre for Occupational Safety in Construction of SPbGASU unveiled the opening plaque.  The ribbon was cut by SPbGASU Vice Rector for External Relations and Youth Policy Irina Lugovskaia, the project supervisor; Valentina Chaplinskaya, expert of the St. Petersburg office of the South-East Finland – Russia CBC Programme; Galina Zakharova, representative of the St. Petersburg Committee for External Relations; and Maria Nasedkina, Deputy Chairman of the NOSTROY Committee for Insurance, Labour Protection and Financial Instruments of the Construction Market.


“We are attending a significant event for SPbGASU – the opening of the Safety Park, the purpose of which is to help reduce the level of injuries at enterprises in the construction industry. The content of the Park is a new educational environment aimed at teaching occupational safety issues. The environment consists of nine interactive training modules, theoretical training room (computer class for 30 seats); occupational safety training packages for various target groups for 9 types of construction work. Students of all forms of education, all categories of employees in the construction industry will be trained on the basis of the Safety Park, retraining and advanced training will be carried out ” (Irina Lugovskaya).


On behalf of SPbGASU, Irina Lugovskaia thanked Finnish partner Universities for many years of cooperation and personally Kirsi Taivalantti the Dean of the Faculty of Technology, LAB University of Applied Sciences, as well as Russian project partners and stakeholders: the St. Petersburg Committee on Construction and the Committee on Labour and Employment, the National Association of Builders of Russia that have supported the project throughout the three years of the project implementation.


The CBC Programme coordinator Sonja Miettinen addressed the project participants with a video greeting: “I am convinced of your professionalism, and I look forward to the successful results of the project!”


Kirsi Taivalantti told about her visit to the safety park on 12 March 2020. “I witnessed it was a great place to learn, to provide practical training for increasing safety at construction sites. And I hope to come again,” she said, having thanked everyone for cooperation.


Congratulations via video link from Finnish colleagues made the ceremony solemn and sincere.


As the main result of the SAFECON project, the Polygon is an innovative educational site with a unique interactive learning environment, provided with programs and relevant content, physical and virtual learning facilities, as well as tools using computer VR technologies. This site, the only one of its kind in Russia, was created for conducting classes with students of universities, schools, colleges, employees of construction companies.


In 2020, 185 accidents occurred at construction sites in St. Petersburg, of which 81 were severe, 102 fatal, and 2 group accidents. For 8 months of 2021, 156 accidents occurred: 78 severe accidents, 77 fatal accidents, 1 group accident. The construction community has a stake in minimizing injuries. Responding to industry requests, SPbGASU has the most demanded knowledge and competencies, constantly improving the quality of education.


For the entire period of development of the SAFECON project, the Association “National Association of Builders” (NOSTROY) has been performing as its major strategic partner.


Maria Nasedkina, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Insurance, Labor Protection and Financial Instruments of the NOSTROY Construction Market, congratulated SPbGASU and the project participants on the opening of the training site and said that the National Association of Builders (NOSTROY) has been participating in the project for three years. “NOSTROY is ready to make a work plan, a roadmap to promote this project not only in St. Petersburg, but also in other cities. My colleagues and I believe that such projects are necessary for our country. They will enable us to influence the statistics of occupational injuries and change everyone’s attitude to the culture of safety in construction,” she emphasized.

At the Smart Labor Polygon, a test class was held for professional orientation

On December 3, another test class took place at the Smart Labor Polygon. This time the group of students consisted of 35 pupils from the Centers for Assistance to Family Education in St. Petersburg, schoolchildren and students of the Metrostroy College. For them, this class was conducted as part of the vocational guidance course “Build your future profession.”


How to organize a workplace properly when performing various construction work? Why is it so important to follow safety rules? These were the main topics of the lesson. One of the organizers of the event was Evgenia Pozhar, assistant coordinator of the National Association of Builders (NOSTROY) in the North-West Federal District of Russian Federation.


This class  was held within the framework of the PAZL project initiated by the Foundation for the Support of Talented Youth called Future Leaders together with the NOSTROY coordinator for the North-West Federal District and the Chairman of the NOSTROY Committee on insurance, labor protection and financial instruments of the construction market Nikita Zaguskin.


High school pupils and students of the Metrostroy College saw installations demonstrating the correct and incorrect performance of various types of work, and completed tasks using interactive training modules. Introductory lesson was given by associate Professor of Technosphere Safety   Sergey Panov, associate Professor Olga Gorbunova and senior lecturer in  Technosphere Safety    Nadezhda Subbotina.


“The new approach to work safety training is much more efficient. It allows the trainees to form a safe behavioral model of the employee” (Sergey Panov).


Omar Shakshak, a specialist of the Scientific and Educational Centre for Labor Protection in Construction, presented the training program «Smart Labor», created on the basis of virtual reality technologies.

Test training is underway at the Smart Labor Polygon

On November 18, 2020, at the educational base of SPbGASU in Krasnoe Selo, a test practical lesson was held using a new educational environment developed, containing interactive training modules as an integral part.


The group of trainees consisted of 12 people working in various companies, including construction companies. The lesson with this category of students required high professionalism from the teachers, the ability to anticipate questions and answer them convincingly.


The lesson was held on the topic “Identification of occupational risk factors potentially affecting employees in the course of work.  Risk assessment of their impact”.


Trainees were asked to investigate a specific situation on the construction site presented in the interactive training module, to understand the point of the problems, name the violations that led to injury of workers and identify the occupational risk factors in the work process.


The purpose of the lesson is to form students’ skills in carrying out activities that implement the procedure for managing professional risks.


The training programme itself is tested and the correspondence between the actual and the expected results is revealed. During the course of the training, problem areas are identified, what allows project specialists to make necessary adjustments and improve training.

The SAFECON project was presented at the 19th All-Russian Congress of Self-Regulatory Construction Organizations

The 19th All-Russian Congress of Self-Regulating Construction Organizations and the 11th All-Russian Conference “Russian Construction Complex: Everyday Practice and Legislation” took place in St. Petersburg  on September 10-11, 2020. Their program included a number of events: thematic sections, round tables and workshops. The CEOs of the Ministry of Construction of Russia, the National Association of Builders and the State Labor Inspectorate of St. Petersburg, representatives of professional associations, construction companies and organizations became their participants.


The SAFECON project was presented at the round table on the “Digital transformation and labor protection in the activities of self-regulating organizations and construction organizations”. The speakers were Kirsi Taivalantti, Dean of the Technological Faculty of LAB University of Applied Sciences (speaking online), and Vitaly Tsaplin, head of the SAFECON project at SPbGASU, director of the Scientific and Educational Center for Labor Protection in Construction, Head of the SPbGASU Department of Technosphere Safety.


Vitaly Tsaplin, shared his ideas for improving the situation in the field of labor safety. In his opinion, this requires technical improvements, educational programs, and solutions related to corporate governance. He spoke about the safety park – the Polygon “Smart Labor” in Krasnoye Selo – as an innovative method for teaching labor safety rules in construction.


According to Vitaly Tsaplin, SAFECON is quite effective in combining efforts to improve labor protection for construction specialists in North-West Russia and South-East Finland. The idea of ​​the SAFECON project is to train workers in the construction industry in compliance with labor protection rules by involving trainees in work processes simulated by an interactive environment. Visual demonstration of the results of certain actions in the workplace enhances concentration on one’s own safety and the safety of colleagues.


The participants of the event also had a chance to see an exposition of a safety park model and a training program based on VR technologies “Training of workers in the construction industry in occupational safety measures,” developed within the framework of SAFECON.

The SAFECON project was presented in the business program of the International Agro-industrial Exhibition AGRORUS

On September 3, 2020 the delegation of SPbGASU took part in the scientific and practical conference “Strategy and tactics for dynamic reduction and elimination of injuries and occupational diseases: the zero goal “, which took place in the St. Petersburg exhibition complex “Expoforum” as part of the 29th International agroindustrial exhibition AGRORUS.


The delegation included the head of the Department of Technosphere Safety, Director of  the Center of Occupational Safety in Construction Vitaly Tsaplin, postgraduate students Nadezhda Subbotina and Omar Shakshak. Representatives of SPbGASU spoke about the SAFECON project, within the framework of which a practice-oriented approach is being introduced into the safety training of construction workers. It consists in developing a safe behavioral model for employees by using an innovative interactive learning environment (Smart Labor Polygon safety park).


 Nadezhda Subbotina informed the conference participants that the training site as a physical environment with interactive training modules or installations has been commissioned and is ready to receive trainees.  She said that GASU has developed guidelines for conducting various practical classes at the site, included in the training programs for specialists.


Omar Shakshak made a presentation on the “Computer training program ‘Smart Work’ as a modern teaching method” and presented new applications for VR and PC platforms to the audience.


SPbGASU representatives expressed their confidence that the widespread use of the safety park with its possibilities for training in labor protection will change the situation with industrial injuries, reducing the number of accidents due to the so-called human factor”.


Read more  https://www.spbgasu.ru/en/news/6316/ 

Bachelor’s and master’s theses on SAFECON themes defended by students of Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering  in June, 2020

Graduates of the Department of technosphere safety of SPbGASU create new methods of teaching safe work. The training will be conducted in a new Safety Park in Krasnoye Selo, created as part of the SAFECON  project.


This year 3 master’s theses and 2 bachelor’s  theses of SPbGASU students were dedicated to SAFECON project. The theses were “defended” before commission on June 18 and 19, 2020.

Bachelor student Anastasia Sharova developed tools to improve competences in the field of labour protection using interactive installations of the safety park while training professionals for   construction works. The topic interested Anastasia with its novelty: the first safety park in Russia uses the latest information technologies. Anastasia wanted to contribute to its development.


– Injuries in construction remain at a very high level.  Among factors influencing it is the quality of training in occupational safety. Methodology I propose is based on modern and innovative methods, which will bring the learning process to a new, higher quality level, and, as a result, will contribute to a sharp reduction of injuries in the construction industry. I conducted some tests, paying special attention to the degree of audience involvement in the learning process. I especially remember testing a VR system that allows you to dive into a highly detailed virtual environment, – Anastasia shared.


Vitaly Tsaplin, Head of the Department of Technosphere Safety of SPbGASU, about the thesis of Anastasia Sharova:

– Methodical materials developed by Anastasia for training specialists to perform finishing, carpentry and work at height based on interactive training modules of the safety park are aimed at forming a safe behavioral model for specialists. In the long term, this will reduce the rates of injuries and occupational diseases in the construction sector.


Bachelor student Ekaterina Kozachkova developed a methodology for improving competencies in labor protection using interactive training modules for training specialists to perform earthworks with a single-bucket excavator, welding, and concrete work. The author believes in the need to introduce new methods to reduce injuries in construction. And it is the SAFECON project that creates a new approach to quality training of specialists in this field.


 It is difficult to imagine the modern world without the risk of injury when performing technological operations and processes in construction. This strongly affects the economy of construction companies and their reputation. The constantly developing technosphere brings new dangers to human work.  According statistics mortality in the construction industry in Russian Federation is higher compared to other types of economic activity. For 11 months of 2019, 4,078 accidents with severe consequences occurred and 1,018 people died, – said Ekaterina.


According to Ekaterina, visitors to the safety park realize that labor protection is an important part of the life of every working person, and compliance with rules and regulations is aimed at preserving the life and health of employees. Thanks to the proposed method, each student will be able to formulate the importance and need to meet safety regulations.


The author aimed to develop a working and effective teaching methodology, suggest methods and principles for classes, testing knowledge, and develop material that can be used in training target groups. Priority was given to practical classes, as they will form a safe behavioral model in the workplace and in life.


Vitaly Tsaplin about the distinctive features of Ekaterina Kozachkova’s thesis: “The most difficult thing was to create a methodology for testing the effectiveness of the proposed training. To do this, Ekaterina studied various world experience and selected the most proven and effective methods for evaluating the effectiveness of training”.


Master student Anna Egorova developed a technical task for designing a model of the learning environment “electric welding works”. Anna is sure that this is a very relevant topic: according to the labor legislation of the Russian Federation, all employees of the construction industry must know the safety standards. Such awareness not only allows the employer to remain in the legal field, but also minimizes costs.


I was interested in the project SAFECON when I was a bachelor. I wanted to take part in a new and promising project and contribute to its practical implementation. In my opinion, it is quite difficult for students to find an area of knowledge to which they can make an intellectual contribution


 Vitaly Tsaplin shared his opinion about Anna Yegorova’s work:

– Anna Yegorova carefully analyzed the existing methods of training and the situation of injuries in St. Petersburg.  She identified harmful and dangerous factors of the production environment and labor process when performing electric welding works. Basing on the identified harmful and dangerous factors, she assessed the risk of hazards arising from production operations, including the equipment, tools, and accessories used, which under certain conditions can lead to injury or death.  


According to Vitaly Tsaplin GASU students  chose SAFECON themes for their theses as long ago as at the stage of applying for a grant. Thus, in 2016, master student Svetlana Repetskaya developed a strategy and logical-structural model of the project. Bachelor student Yulia Yudina  suggested a prototype of the modern, now actually operating interactive training module “Finishing works”. Both works were successfully presented at the youth competition in Sochi during all-Russian labor protection week.


During the entire period, students completed and defended 6 master’s theses and 8 bachelor’s theses. The best of them were awarded with diplomas and certificates. Students are able to transform their knowledge into a practical plane-this is evidenced by the great interest in their work from professional communities. The prospects laid down in the SAFECON project attract and inspire students who are trying on a high role of a specialist in the field of labor protection. Today, students continue to develop the project. Created with the active participation of previous generations of graduates, the innovative training environment requires high-quality practice-oriented and highly intelligent educational content. The content should include training programs, lectures, practical classes, and knowledge control materials. This is a complex and quite new area of activity in the field of training specialists in the construction industry on labor protection. However, students are not afraid of difficulties and enthusiastically choose it.

Anastasia Sharova

Ekaterina Kozachkova

Anna Yegorova

Defending thesis 2020

The Smart Labor Polygon has been commissioned

On April 14, 2020, at the training base of SPbGASU in Krasnoye Selo,  a very important stage in the implementation of the SAFECON project was completed. The Commission, formed by the order of the SPbGASU rector, chaired by the Vice-Rector for External Relations Irina Lugovskaya and consisting of Vitaly Tsaplin, the director of Scientific and Educational Center for Labor Safety, the head of the department of technosphere safety and Nikolai Baranov, the chief accountant of SPbGASU, accepted and signed the Acceptance certificate for completed production and mounting of interactive training modules or installations. The interactive modules are combined into a training complex – “Smart Labor Polygon” at the training base of SPbGASU “Krasnoe Selo”.


During the acceptance, the Commission carefully checked the equipment presented by the contractor – Consulting Center Expert LLC, verified it with the requirements of the technical specifications for all nine modules of interactive training. The Commission recognized the work performed in strict accordance with technical specifications and with the required quality.


Regular training process will start at the training ground Smart Labor Polygon soon; its purpose is not only to increase the awareness of construction workers in the field of labor protection, but also to develop a safe behavioral model for them. According to this model, the workers follow all the rules, instructions and regulations even when they are not being watched. Thus, the ideas of the SAFECON project will be put into practice.


Irina Lugovskaya said that the University received a training ground equipped with modules for interactive training in methods and techniques of work, which take into account modern labor protection requirements at construction sites for all categories of employees in the construction industry. The Smart Labor Polygon will find a significant place in university students’ training programs. In addition, builders of St. Petersburg, the Leningrad Region and South-Eastern Finland, students of other universities, and schoolchildren in the process of vocational guidance are welcome to taking training on safety measures here.


Vitaliy Tsaplin noted on the high quality of the work performed. The comments of specialists of Scientific and Educational Center of Labor Safety in Construction and the wishes of the project developers have always been met in a friendly manner; they readily came to life at the facility. The training ground is notable for constructive complexity, exclusivity of elements, and novelty of implemented ideas. All employees showed high professionalism. The important components of success were the inspiration and creative approach of Irina Belova, Executive Director of the United Center of Labor Protection Specialists, SRO Association and the SRO Association of Organizations Providing Services in the Field of Labor Protection. The high quality and timely execution is ensured by the Executive Director of LLC Expert Murad Ismayilov.

The NOSTROY Association, a strategic partner of SPbGASU on the SAFECON project again showed its interest in the creation of the training ground. Maria Nasedkina, a NOSTROY representative who was present at the commissioning, said that construction organizations are very interested in creating an interactive environment for training their workers. For this reason, the CEOs of the North-West branch of NOSTROY decided to supplement the Polygon with modules for eight more types of construction work.

Read more https://www.spbgasu.ru/en/news/5678/

Visit to the Smart Labor training ground, which is getting ready to welcome first students, March 12, 2020

On March 12, 2020, an international seminar  “Actual problems of labor protection” was held at the training base of SPbGASU in Krasnoye Selo in the vicinity of Saint Petersburg. Participants of the seminar, including SAFECON project partners from LAB University of Applied Sciences, visited the only safety training ground under construction in Russia – the main result of the project – and saw that the work on its creation is nearing completion.


Within the framework of the seminar, a test class was held with students of SPbGASU on an interactive training module, which consists of two parts, demonstrating correct and incorrect performance of potentially dangerous work. Students can see what happens if personal protective equipment is not used and safety rules are ignored.


“How did this person get injured?” Nadezhda Subbotina, assistant at the Department of Technosphere Safety, asked the students during the test lesson. Students reconstructed the course of events and list the errors that had led to harmful consequences.


The seminar program included the presentation of the Smart Labor training computer program created on the basis of virtual reality technologies. The actual version was introduced by a specialist of the SPbGASU Scientific and Educational Center for Labor Protection in Construction  Omar Shakshak:

“We put on a helmet, take the controller, press the button and plunge into the workflow. Versions have been developed for both virtual glasses and for a computer,” he said.


Classes at the Smart Labor training ground are designed to form a safe behavioral model of employees for students. This model implies that the employee complies with all instructions, rules and regulations, including when no one is watching them. To achieve this goal, students in an interactive environment that simulates work processes are involved in various situations that are possible at the workplace. As a result, the students are clearly aware of the risks to the health and life in the event of non-compliance with safety standards, and they receive a psychological pattern attitude to comply with the standards, not “for the show”, but for their own well-being.


Speaking at the seminar, Executive Director of the Association of the SRO Unified Center of Labor Protection Specialists and the Association  of Organizations Providing Services in the Field of Labor Protection, SRO, Irina Belova noted:

– The participants in our associations have a large number of training centers for labor protection. We want to attract them to use this training ground in our educational processes.


Vitaly Tsaplin, Director of the SPbGASU Scientific and Educational Center for Labor Protection in Construction, Head of Department of Technosphere Safety, in his turn emphasized:

– Irina Belova represents associations uniting labor protection specialists not only from the construction field, but also from other industries. Cooperation with them will give us the opportunity to significantly expand the range of organizations interested in using the Smart Labor Polygon training ground.


Assistant Coordinator of the National Association of Builders (NOSTROY) in the North-West Federal District Evgenia Pozhar continued on the topic:

– At the St. Petersburg International Labor Forum, held on February 27–28, we presented a large stand with an installation on welding and a model of the Smart Labor Polygon in Krasnoye Selo. We want to continue to inform the broadest possible circle of specialists about the training ground. Our immediate plans include presentation of the project in Kaliningrad and holding two large seminars on labor protection in St. Petersburg, where the first results of using the training ground will be discussed.


Vitaliy Tsaplin came up with a proposal to create an Internet portal, i.e., an interactive coordination and information system for managing the training of construction workers. It is assumed that the portal will bring together Russian and Finnish specialists providing training on labor protection.


“In the conditions of rapid development of the construction industry, which is an integral part of almost each of the twelve national projects implemented in Russia, labor protection is an extremely important part of activities aimed at saving the nation, a matter of national importance,” said Vitaliy Tsaplin.

Excursion of school children to the “Smart Labor” training ground in Krasnoye Selo

The safety park  or  the “Smart Labor” Polygon (training ground) is already in demand by different categories of trainees. Thus, on March 2, 2020 it was visited by a group of schoolchildren from the centers for promoting family education in St. Petersburg. The visit to the training ground was organized in the context of the educational program of the professional guidance project PUZZLE, implemented by the fund supporting talented youth “Future Leaders”. The main goal of the project is to develop and implement individual trajectories of education and development of each child. Children are helped to choose their future profession by organizing both theoretical classes, presentations, and field events to visit construction sites in St. Petersburg. One of the directions of the program is a multidisciplinary educational course in the construction sector “Build your future profession”. It was in the frame of this course that the children visited the safety park – Smart Labor Polygon in Krasnoye Selo.

SPbGASU and NOSTROY presented the Smart work Polygon at the Saint Petersburg International Labor Forum

On February 27-28, 2020, Saint Petersburg hosted the international Labor Forum, Russia’s largest event in the field of labor and human capital development for personnel management specialists, representatives of legislative and executive authorities, experts and scientists.


A specialized exhibition in the field of labor safety and personnel development “CUBE” – “Personnel, management, security” was held within the framework of the Labor Forum.


SPbGASU and the National Association of Builders (NOSTROY) as a strategic partner of the SAFECON project to support, develop and promote long-term results of the project presented at the exhibition Polygon Smart Labor being built in Krasnoye Selo. The NOSTROY Association presented at its booth a 1:15 scale Polygon model and a ready-made interactive training module (installation “Welding work”).


SPbGASU, in turn, demonstrated the program “Training of construction workers in labor safety “Smart Labor “in the format for a VR system. Visitors to the exhibition could, wearing virtual reality glasses, plunge into a highly detailed environment of the Smart Labor training ground at the training base of St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Krasnoye Selo.


Visitors to the exhibition – representatives of construction companies, educational organizations, government agencies, the media – showed great interest in the stands of SPbGASU and NOSTROY Association.


On February 27, a round table “Features of a labor safety specialist work. Interaction with the employer and supervisory authorities” was held.  Kirsi Taivalantti and Vitaly Tsaplin took part in it as speakers with reports on the implementation of the project and the tasks of the Smart Labor training ground.


Read more https://www.spbgasu.ru/en/news/5591/

First installations are on the site

In December 2019, the company-winner of the tender for the manufacture of interactive training modules installed material for the first modules at the training base of SPbGASU Krasnoe Selo. Two installations are almost completed. It is only the final decoration that is missing, which will be added when all nine modules are ready. On December 30, 2019, the Commission consisting of experts Tatyana Goncharuk, Nadezhda Subbotina, Head of the laboratory of the Department of Technosphere Safety of SPbGASU Vera Strokova and communication manager of the SAFECON project Elena Selezneva visited the site for the future polygon “Smart Labor” and examined the installed materials for compliance with the technical task.

Participation in the conference on labor protection management systems

On December 6, 2019 in the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry NOSTROY Association held a conference “Actual issues and development trends of modern labor protection management systems in the construction industry”.  The event was arranged for specialists in labor protection and industrial safety in the field of construction. Representatives of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation, the State Labor Inspectorate of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation attended the plenary session of the conference


 Vitaliy Tsaplin, SAFECON manager from SPbGASU and a postgraduate student Nadezhda   Subbotina as well as students of SPbGASU having the Technosphere Safety as their major took part in the conference. 


 Vitaly Tsaplin made a report on the topic “Interactive Coordination and Information System for Training Management of Construction Workers” and spoke about the importance of training management system in connection with the project SAFECON.


The students of GASU took part in the interactive brain-ring business game: “Professional risks in construction: identification, assessment, management” and became absolute winners.

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Safety in Construction Conference at SPbGASU

On  November 21-22,  2019 the Fourth All-Russian scientific and practical conference with international participation “Safety in Construction” was held at SPbGASU.

Reports related to the implementation of the SAFECON project became the central reports at the plenary session on the first day of the conference.

Project manager Kirsi Taivalantti  evaluated  the results of the first year of the project. The project  manager from SPbGASU  Vitaly  Tsaplin made a report on the readiness of the site for the future polygon  “Smart  labor” in Krasnoye Selo, told the participants of the conference about  signing a contract with the company that had won the tender  for  manufacturing  and installation of interactive training modules (installations) as well as about  introduction of  the  interactive training modules in the educational content of training specialists in SPbGASU. Specialist Omar Shakshak presented new information about the creation of an interactive digital model as a modern method of learning.

The plenary session was attended by 79 people, not counting students of  SPbGASU.  

Among the participants were representatives of Finnish partner universities in the project SAFECON – Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, representatives of the Committees of St. Petersburg Government, the National Association of builders (NOSTROY), higher educational institutions, research institutions, industrial enterprises, medical institutions of 4 regions of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

The conference included two major exhibitions: an exhibition of personal protective equipment  for the types of work within the SAFECON project presented by  the manufacturer “Vostok-Service”   and a photo exhibition of works by students of SPbGASU  “Construction in the lens”. The students’ photos had been taken during the period of practical training at the construction sites of St. Petersburg in real production circumstances.

Materials of the conference have been published as a separate collection.


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Cooperation Agreement between SPbGASU and NOSTROY signed

On September 25, 2019 SPbGASU and NOSTROY – National Association of Builders – signed an agreement on cooperation. The ceremony of signing took place during the 10th All-Russian Conference “Russian Construction Complex: Everyday Practice and Legislation” which was held in the frame of the Sustainable Development Forum in St. Petersburg. The Forum brought together representatives of state authorities, leaders of public organizations and initiative groups, prominent entrepreneurs and company leaders.


Anton Glushkov, NOSTROY President, spoke at the ceremony of signing the Cooperation Agreement about the association plans to cooperate with SPbGASU in various aspects including the innovative international SAFECON project as its main idea is perfectly relevant.


Evgeny Rybnov, rector of SPbGASU, expressed hope to broaden joint activities.


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Getting companies insight and involvement for Safecon

Almost a year of work in Safecon project is approaching to an end and it is time to sum up the work and learnings gained so far.


The planned activities begun nicely, but quite soon we realized the difference in the approach between Finland and Russia. In Finland work safety is in good level and companies acknowledge the importance of work safety and are willing to develop further work safety by participating the Safecon project. In Russia there is also a good drive to rise the work safety levels, but finding interested companies to give their involvement to the project activities has been challenging.


In Finland, we concentrated on small and medium size construction companies. In big construction companies work safety activities are already almost routine work. There is also a very active join interest organization for the construction companies in Finland, The Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT (CFCI). They are also active in enhancing the workers safety with projects, guides and competitions. However, not all SME’s are part of CFCI. Safecon project also focuses more to top management and field manager level.


Aim of Safecon project is to improve work safety competence in construction industry in the cross-border area within construction site workers, especially those who have high risk factors for accidents, such as young or old workers or workers from different cultural background. In Finland, the focus is especially in foreign workers and challenges that the cultural difference brings in work safety in SME’s. 


So far, we have approached more than ten (10) companies in the project area. It is already recognized that the top managers have a principle role in building work safety and safety culture. Thus, the contact was primarily done straight to the Chief Executive Officer, CEO.


Five (5) companies have already participated the interview, which aimed at a) getting to know the company’s work safety culture, b) identifying possible challenges that the project can help to overcome and c) also the attitudes towards work safety.


Four (4) companies from Finland have agreed to stay active and participate the project. This means that later during the project they will take part to a pilot group that tests the new activity and training model to improve occupational safety in construction industry. Aim is to establish communication tools between the management and the workers, taking into account the foreign labour force and employees of different ages. Companies have also an active role in the creation of the new tool trough job shadowing and joint workshops.


What to expect from the project next? For the top-management level activities (work package 1), the next step is to follow through the interviews. As we get enough of interested companies involved, we can start to process the results. As an outcome of the interviews and workshops, there will be top management guidelines for different perspectives about work safety. The results will also be presented in an article and top management seminar during spring 2020.


Another parallel goal for the project is to execute an installation in St Peterburg, using the Finnish safety-park concept. For the Finnish companies, this also opens doors to train site managers and construction workers in Russia, bringing the training from cultural aspect into completely new level. Benchmarking visits to Espoo Safety Park and Kuopio Occupational Health and Safety training center were also part of the project and quite eye opening.


Writer is the project leader from South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk) and leader of work package 1 activities.


Noora Haatanen



Yulia Yudina’s work “Development of a new approach to training specialists in finishing works using the interactive environment “SAFECON” won the third place in the nomination “Research project» of the VIII International intelligence contest for undergraduate and postgraduate students “Discovery Science: University – 2019”.


Yulia Yudina is a second-year master student majoring in Technosphere Safety at the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Municipal Services of SPbGASU. Her academic supervisor is  Vitaly Tsaplin, an associate professor,   Head of the Department of Technosphere Safety of SPbGASU.

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SAFECON project at the District conference of the members of the National Association of Builders (NOSTROY) in the North-Western Federal district of Russia


On April 9, 2019 in St. Petersburg the District conference of members of the Association “National Association of Builders” in the North-Western Federal district of the Russian Federation took place.


Representatives of 13 self-regulatory organizations from Kaliningrad, Arkhangelsk, Cherepovets, Syktyvkar, Veliky Novgorod, Pskov, Murmansk, Vologda and Leningrad Oblast’ towns attended the conference.


Vitaly V. Tsaplin, SAFECON project manager from SPbGASU, presented information about the project, its tasks, planned outputs and interim results. Representatives of the self-regulatory organizations in the field of construction, participating at the conference, showed their interest in the project and expressed a desire to receive information about the further progress of the work.


More about this event can be found on the website of SPbGASU



Students of SPbGASU speaking on the topics of  SAFECON at the conference

The 72-nd all-Russian scientific and practical conference of students, postgraduates and young scientists “Actual problems of modern construction” was held in SPbGASU in April, 3-5.


At the meeting of the Department of Technosphere Safety section 2 students’ speeches were devoted to the safety of construction works chosen for development within SAFECON project.


Thus, the student Yulia Litvinenko reported on the topic “Production of works with a lifting crane”, and the student Anastasia Grinchuk analyzed the causes of electric injuries in the construction industry.


It is important that as future specialists in the construction industry, students choose urgent topics and share the results of their research.

In February 28 – March 1, 2019 the St. Petersburg International Labor Forum, organized with the support of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation and the Government of St. Petersburg, took place in the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Center.

SAFECON project manager Kirsi Taivalantti (Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, Finland) and project manager from SPbGASU Vitaly Tsaplin spoke together with the report at the presentation area of ​​the Forum and took part in the round table on the activities of an labor safety specialist and interaction with  employers and supervisory authorities. SPbGASU also participated in Specialized exhibition on occupational safety and health CUBE within the framework of the Forum.