First installations are on the site

In December 2019, the company-winner of the tender for the manufacture of interactive training modules installed material for the first modules at the training base of SPbGASU Krasnoe Selo. Two installations are almost completed. It is only the final decoration that is missing, which will be added when all nine modules are ready. On December 30, 2019, the Commission consisting of experts Tatyana Goncharuk, Nadezhda Subbotina, Head of the laboratory of the Department of Technosphere Safety of SPbGASU Vera Strokova and communication manager of the SAFECON project Elena Selezneva visited the site for the future polygon “Smart Labor” and examined the installed materials for compliance with the technical task.

Participation in the conference on labor protection management systems

On December 6, 2019 in the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry NOSTROY Association held a conference “Actual issues and development trends of modern labor protection management systems in the construction industry”.  The event was arranged for specialists in labor protection and industrial safety in the field of construction. Representatives of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation, the State Labor Inspectorate of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation attended the plenary session of the conference


 Vitaliy Tsaplin, SAFECON manager from SPbGASU and a postgraduate student Nadezhda   Subbotina as well as students of SPbGASU having the Technosphere Safety as their major took part in the conference. 


 Vitaly Tsaplin made a report on the topic “Interactive Coordination and Information System for Training Management of Construction Workers” and spoke about the importance of training management system in connection with the project SAFECON.


The students of GASU took part in the interactive brain-ring business game: “Professional risks in construction: identification, assessment, management” and became absolute winners.

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Safety in Construction Conference at SPbGASU

On  November 21-22,  2019 the Fourth All-Russian scientific and practical conference with international participation “Safety in Construction” was held at SPbGASU.

Reports related to the implementation of the SAFECON project became the central reports at the plenary session on the first day of the conference.

Project manager Kirsi Taivalantti  evaluated  the results of the first year of the project. The project  manager from SPbGASU  Vitaly  Tsaplin made a report on the readiness of the site for the future polygon  “Smart  labor” in Krasnoye Selo, told the participants of the conference about  signing a contract with the company that had won the tender  for  manufacturing  and installation of interactive training modules (installations) as well as about  introduction of  the  interactive training modules in the educational content of training specialists in SPbGASU. Specialist Omar Shakshak presented new information about the creation of an interactive digital model as a modern method of learning.

The plenary session was attended by 79 people, not counting students of  SPbGASU.  

Among the participants were representatives of Finnish partner universities in the project SAFECON – Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, representatives of the Committees of St. Petersburg Government, the National Association of builders (NOSTROY), higher educational institutions, research institutions, industrial enterprises, medical institutions of 4 regions of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

The conference included two major exhibitions: an exhibition of personal protective equipment  for the types of work within the SAFECON project presented by  the manufacturer “Vostok-Service”   and a photo exhibition of works by students of SPbGASU  “Construction in the lens”. The students’ photos had been taken during the period of practical training at the construction sites of St. Petersburg in real production circumstances.

Materials of the conference have been published as a separate collection.


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Cooperation Agreement between SPbGASU and NOSTROY signed

On September 25, 2019 SPbGASU and NOSTROY – National Association of Builders – signed an agreement on cooperation. The ceremony of signing took place during the 10th All-Russian Conference “Russian Construction Complex: Everyday Practice and Legislation” which was held in the frame of the Sustainable Development Forum in St. Petersburg. The Forum brought together representatives of state authorities, leaders of public organizations and initiative groups, prominent entrepreneurs and company leaders.


Anton Glushkov, NOSTROY President, spoke at the ceremony of signing the Cooperation Agreement about the association plans to cooperate with SPbGASU in various aspects including the innovative international SAFECON project as its main idea is perfectly relevant.


Evgeny Rybnov, rector of SPbGASU, expressed hope to broaden joint activities.


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Getting companies insight and involvement for Safecon

Almost a year of work in Safecon project is approaching to an end and it is time to sum up the work and learnings gained so far.


The planned activities begun nicely, but quite soon we realized the difference in the approach between Finland and Russia. In Finland work safety is in good level and companies acknowledge the importance of work safety and are willing to develop further work safety by participating the Safecon project. In Russia there is also a good drive to rise the work safety levels, but finding interested companies to give their involvement to the project activities has been challenging.


In Finland, we concentrated on small and medium size construction companies. In big construction companies work safety activities are already almost routine work. There is also a very active join interest organization for the construction companies in Finland, The Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT (CFCI). They are also active in enhancing the workers safety with projects, guides and competitions. However, not all SME’s are part of CFCI. Safecon project also focuses more to top management and field manager level.


Aim of Safecon project is to improve work safety competence in construction industry in the cross-border area within construction site workers, especially those who have high risk factors for accidents, such as young or old workers or workers from different cultural background. In Finland, the focus is especially in foreign workers and challenges that the cultural difference brings in work safety in SME’s. 


So far, we have approached more than ten (10) companies in the project area. It is already recognized that the top managers have a principle role in building work safety and safety culture. Thus, the contact was primarily done straight to the Chief Executive Officer, CEO.


Five (5) companies have already participated the interview, which aimed at a) getting to know the company’s work safety culture, b) identifying possible challenges that the project can help to overcome and c) also the attitudes towards work safety.


Four (4) companies from Finland have agreed to stay active and participate the project. This means that later during the project they will take part to a pilot group that tests the new activity and training model to improve occupational safety in construction industry. Aim is to establish communication tools between the management and the workers, taking into account the foreign labour force and employees of different ages. Companies have also an active role in the creation of the new tool trough job shadowing and joint workshops.


What to expect from the project next? For the top-management level activities (work package 1), the next step is to follow through the interviews. As we get enough of interested companies involved, we can start to process the results. As an outcome of the interviews and workshops, there will be top management guidelines for different perspectives about work safety. The results will also be presented in an article and top management seminar during spring 2020.


Another parallel goal for the project is to execute an installation in St Peterburg, using the Finnish safety-park concept. For the Finnish companies, this also opens doors to train site managers and construction workers in Russia, bringing the training from cultural aspect into completely new level. Benchmarking visits to Espoo Safety Park and Kuopio Occupational Health and Safety training center were also part of the project and quite eye opening.


Writer is the project leader from South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk) and leader of work package 1 activities.


Noora Haatanen



Yulia Yudina’s work “Development of a new approach to training specialists in finishing works using the interactive environment “SAFECON” won the third place in the nomination “Research project» of the VIII International intelligence contest for undergraduate and postgraduate students “Discovery Science: University – 2019”.


Yulia Yudina is a second-year master student majoring in Technosphere Safety at the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Municipal Services of SPbGASU. Her academic supervisor is  Vitaly Tsaplin, an associate professor,   Head of the Department of Technosphere Safety of SPbGASU.

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SAFECON project at the District conference of the members of the National Association of Builders (NOSTROY) in the North-Western Federal district of Russia


On April 9, 2019 in St. Petersburg the District conference of members of the Association “National Association of Builders” in the North-Western Federal district of the Russian Federation took place.


Representatives of 13 self-regulatory organizations from Kaliningrad, Arkhangelsk, Cherepovets, Syktyvkar, Veliky Novgorod, Pskov, Murmansk, Vologda and Leningrad Oblast’ towns attended the conference.


Vitaly V. Tsaplin, SAFECON project manager from SPbGASU, presented information about the project, its tasks, planned outputs and interim results. Representatives of the self-regulatory organizations in the field of construction, participating at the conference, showed their interest in the project and expressed a desire to receive information about the further progress of the work.


More about this event can be found on the website of SPbGASU

Students of SPbGASU speaking on the topics of  SAFECON at the conference

The 72-nd all-Russian scientific and practical conference of students, postgraduates and young scientists “Actual problems of modern construction” was held in SPbGASU in April, 3-5.


At the meeting of the Department of Technosphere Safety section 2 students’ speeches were devoted to the safety of construction works chosen for development within SAFECON project.


Thus, the student Yulia Litvinenko reported on the topic “Production of works with a lifting crane”, and the student Anastasia Grinchuk analyzed the causes of electric injuries in the construction industry.


It is important that as future specialists in the construction industry, students choose urgent topics and share the results of their research.

In February 28 – March 1, 2019 the St. Petersburg International Labor Forum, organized with the support of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation and the Government of St. Petersburg, took place in the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Center.

SAFECON project manager Kirsi Taivalantti (Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, Finland) and project manager from SPbGASU Vitaly Tsaplin spoke together with the report at the presentation area of ​​the Forum and took part in the round table on the activities of an labor safety specialist and interaction with  employers and supervisory authorities. SPbGASU also participated in Specialized exhibition on occupational safety and health CUBE within the framework of the Forum.