Dissemination of results WP1: WORKSHOPS

In addition to videos and podcasts, Xamk organized two workshops to disseminate the results of work package 1 in the Safecon project. Workshops were organized in February and March 2021 and the purpose was to disseminate the findings to SME construction companies and students.


We got an outsourced expert to lead the workshops: CRHs Finland Services Oyjs’ Health, Safety & FLP Manager Jussi Puustinen who is also a member of the construction industry’s safety group. He has years of experience in occupational safety issues- and management in the cement industry.


The first part of the first workshop dealt with occupational safety and health responsibilities and roles defined by Finnish law. After that real-life case examples were presented and discussed together. As the last part of the first workshop, Puustinen presented the importance of induction from the point of view of occupational safety.


The second workshop focused on occupational safety culture, its creation, and management. Puustinen presented DSS Bradley’s curve as one of the metrics for monitoring the state of a company’s safety culture.  DuPont’s curve divides the organization into four different levels. At the first, reactive level, members of the work community think that “accidents at work just happens” and the goal of zero accidents is seen as impossible. Occupational safety is outsourced to experts, efficient work is prioritized of and top management is not involved in occupational safety activities.


In the second, dependent level, top management is committed to and understands the importance of occupational safety. Rules, instructions, practices, and work are organized and controlled by the organization and top management. Despite strong control by top management, employees are involved in making instructions.


In the third, independent level, employees understand the importance of occupational safety for themselves and their health. Safety is an integral part of work both at the personal and the company level.


In the final, interdependent level, safety is an important value for the whole organization, and everyone works together towards it. Problems are solved together and everybody helps and supports each other to success and development. Issues are being discussed directly and if necessary the management can be easily contacted.


Participants in both workshops were mainly students and teachers in the field. Also, a few representatives of construction SMEs were present in the first workshop. Participants gave positive feedback and were satisfied with the presentation, expertise, and content of the workshops.

Виталий Васильевич Цаплин,
менеджер проекта от СПбГАСУ,
заведующий кафедрой техносферной безопасности,
действительный член (академик)

Международной академии наук экологии,

безопасности человека и природы (МАНЭБ)

по секции «Безопасность жизнедеятельности».

Vitaly Tsaplin

Project manager from SPbGASU
Head of Department of Technosphere Safety
Full member (academician) of the International Academy of Ecology,

Human and Nature Safety (MANEB) in the section “Life Safety”.

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